What Are Bollards and Why Your Business Needs Them?

If you have a business establishment, it’s only natural that you would want to protect it. This is why you get people you trust to manage it and you make sure everything is up to code. All these things are for the safety of your investment. But how about the exterior of your shop or restaurant? How do you protect it? That’s the specific purpose of Bollards!


Bollards are short vertical posts that are often used to restrict the passage of vehicles into an area. They can also be used along sidewalks to protect pedestrians from accidental vehicle collisions. They come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as short as 24 inches or as high as 2 meters. The most common types of bollards available today are the following:

Permanent –  As its name suggests, this type of bollard is permanently installed in place. Posts can be made of metal, wood, or cement. 

  • Mounted – this type of permanent bollard has a base, which can be place anywhere and bolted in place.

  • Embedded – this type of permanent bollard is inserted and secured in place with concrete or cement. 

Removable – this bollard can be temporarily set in place with a lock, a pipe, or a hole in the ground. There are also removable bollards that just have heavy rubber bases to make them stand in place. These are most often used to temporarily cordon off roadside construction works.

Retractable or Collapsible – these bollards are installed in place and usually has a manual key, hydraulics, or an automated control system to lower or raise them. This type is best when access to the place or establishment might change, such as in a secured facility or a parking lot.


For some people, bollards may seem unnecessary additions to the landscape, but they actually have several valid purposes.


Shops and other establishments with glass walls can easily be broken into by vehicles. As a matter of fact, there have been many cases that stores have been burglarized by criminals ramming vehicles into shop fronts. Aside from ram-raiding burglaries, bollards can also protect your place of business, as well as pedestrians and cyclists, from accidents such as wayward vehicles.


Bollards can serve as clear barriers in streets, for both pedestrians and motorists. They can help efficiently direct traffic and pedestrian flow, which could very well aid in preventing road accidents around your business establishment. After all, areas that are prone to accidents could drive away potential customers.


Aside from protecting your shop’s interior, bollards can also help ensure the integrity of your building or structure, or other valuable assets. Car accidents are not so uncommon these days and it’s always better to be prepared for any and all eventualities.



If you run a restricted facility, especially if your people handles sensitive material on a daily basis, it’s imperative that you make sure to keep unauthorized people out. Or perhaps you want a more efficient traffic control system for your commercial car park, so in case your lot is full, motorists would be aware of it before going in. Retractable bollards are perfect for this purpose. 


Lastly, bollards can also add some aesthetic value to your place of business. How exactly? Well, you can get bollards with classical designs or those that would, at least, visually complement your shop, building, or structure. It would lend your establishment some added style and sophistication, as well as security. As a matter of fact, if you visit historical places or monuments, you will most likely find bollards protecting them. 

Bollards have been around for centuries. In the past, they were used in port areas as posts to which boats or ships could be tethered. Today, their purpose has significantly evolved and now they are also used to help direct traffic, as well as protect all kinds of important things: from pedestrians walking by the sidewalk to buildings and shop fronts to utilities and vehicles.

As you can see bollards are a necessity for business establishments to ensure their assets are protected and to keep staff, customers and visitors safe.  Citi Industries supplies a range of Car Park Safety products Australia wide such as bollards, speed humps, safety mirrors and more plus  installation in the greater Brisbane area. Get in touch for advice or a quote on your Car Park Safety today -we are only too happy to help!

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