As experts in trade wastewater management, we offer full beginning to end, turn-key solutions. We can tell you about Citi Industries and our 20-year flawless trade compliance record, but the reality is, it’s all about you, our clients. You have a project to complete, that complies with your local authority regulations so you can get back to running your business asap.

Our motto is ‘making projects easy’. As a client, you can trust our honest, accurate advice and reputation of our work. We care about your project running smoothly throughout its’ duration and making the process stress-free and straightforward for you. All projects are completed by skilled specialists so you can trust Citi Industries to get your project done with quality and workmanship assured.

Why are we the best choice for you?

We solve your trade wastewater and commercial plumbing problems efficiently. Our expertise means you get the right full project advice and service from Hydraulic Plumbing Design, to correct equipment selection and expert installation.

Our one-stop expert shop avoids disjointed or inexperienced advice from multiple other sources and means you have your project completed on time and in the budget.

From your first contact with us we will respond quickly with whatever you need for your project and whatever stage you are at. You’ll find working with us stress-free and easy. As trade wastewater specialists you can depend on us for full completion of complex and detailed projects.

Industries we service include

  • Shopping Centres & Body Corporates
  • Restaurants, Cafe’s & Bars
  • Plant & Equipment Suppliers
  • Factories & Industrial Businesses
  • Butchers, Bakeries, Fast Food
  • Laboratories & Schools
  • Mining, Transport, Car, Equipment Rental

There can be a lot of confusion around differing Authorities rules and expensive mistakes can be made not understanding these or using installers who don’t have extensive experience in the field.

We offer honest, accurate advice and genuinely care about making your project run smoothly.

Enquire online or call us on 1300 002 484 for fast assistance today.