Wash Bay Design And

Need a wash bay designed and constructed?
Don’t have time to waste and want the job done without stress?

But you worry about hiring the right company which understands all compliances and legalities required throughout construction because hiring the wrong company will cause a drastic loss of time and money. Don’t be misled into thinking wash bay construction is a simple process. Get expert advice and professional wash bay design and construction straight up. There’s no need to get caught out with a high-cost upgrade or site shut down due to a misunderstanding of compliances. You need professionals who are skilled, knowledgeable and get the job done.

Experienced Wash Bay Design And Construction

Transport companies, business owners and operations managers – we’ll help you meet your wastewater goals.

Citi Industries designs and constructs custom wash bays for your needs. With 20+ years of experience, we know the correct construction and legal set up procedures and trade waste requirements.

You can trust us to build a wash bay which matches and meets your strict criteria. It’s no secret that oils, chemicals, dirt, liquids and more can’t go straight into the sewerage systems. Filtering and treatment must first occur first and we have all the equipment required to treat all your wastewater so it safely enters the sewerage system.

Wash Bays Designed and Constructed In
a Straightforward Way

A wash bay design and construction is a large project which takes many professionals to complete. This includes plumbers, concreters, carpenters and electricians. Their involvement is critical in the fully coordinated construction process of your wash bay.

Installing specialist wastewater treatment equipment in accordance with the hydraulic design takes skill and experience to get right. Each piece of the overall design needs to be installed and tested for correct function and commissioning to ensure years of quality performance and minimal maintenance or breakdowns.

But, there’s no need to worry about all this as we handle everything in a convenient and straightforward way. Contact us, make a time, and we’ll meet you onsite for an inspection and a professional plumbing consultation.

We’ll give you a proposal quote and then manage all elements from design to completion of your wash bay construction project.

With 20+ years of experience and many satisfied customers, we have the skill to design and deliver your wash bay project on time and in the budget.


Installing a Wash Bay or Wash Pad in your business is a great investment in time and
money savings. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your equipment assets will
present your business in a professional manner and ensure you gain maximum life
and efficiency from your vehicles and equipment.

Our clients we’ve designed, supplied and built Wash Bays for include:

  • Car Rentals – Industrial Car Wash Equipment
  • Equipment Hire – Wash Pads & Pressure Washers
  • Car Dealerships – Car Washing Equipment
  • Transport companies – Semi Trailer, Truck Wash Equipment & Wash Bays
  • Airports – Plane, Jet & Helicopter Wash Pads & Equipment
  • Road Construction – Heavy Duty Wash Bays, heated wash for removal of asphalt
  • Mining & Quarries – Earth Moving Equipment & Machinery Wash Bays & Equipment
  • Mechanics & Workshops – Engine Washing, Separating Oil & Water with Oily Water Separator Systems
  • Golf Courses – Golf Buggies, Mowers & Equipment Wash Downs
  • Commercial Car Wash – Car Wash Equipment and Water Recycling
  • Liquid Transporters – Sterilizing Washing Tankers & Equipment
  • Factories, Industrial & Manufacturing Plants – Equipment Wash Bays

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There are various types of Wash Bays and Wash Pads designed specifically to your purpose and they are closely regulated to meet with trade wastewater requirements and standards.

Oils, chemicals, dirt, liquids and more can’t go straight into the sewerage system without first being filtered with specialist equipment like Oil Water Separators.

In addition to the physical Wash Bay or Pad you’ll often need professional grade Pressure Washer Equipment that can be electricity or 3 phase powered or run on petrol or diesel engines as required. Hot and Cold Water Pressure Washers and noise reducing models are available for many different installation requirements.

Depending on your needs and your Local Authority rulings you can install Roofed or Unroofed Wash Bays Outside say in a Car Park or inside a Factory or Warehouse Wash Bay installation.

The first step to a successful Wash Bay construction is a professional Plumbing Consultation and Hydraulic Design. With many years speciality in this field we consult with you to fully understand your requirements and then give you accurate advice on the best Wash Bay solution that fully complies with your Local Authority regulations and construction type.

Other Contractors such as Concreters, Carpenters & Electricians may need to be involved in the fully co-ordinated construction process of your Wash Bay.


We offer a full Done For You Wash Bay Design & Build Service in
Stages as follows:

Stage 1


  • Wash Bay Design consultation
  • Assess Wash Bay needs and Scope of Works
  • Assess best design for cost effectiveness & installation
  • Assess Authority regulations for Full Compliance
  • Prepare professional CAD Hydraulic Design Drawings
  • Authority Fees Paid
  • Submit Design for Approval
  • Negotiate and liaise with Authorities
  • Design Drawings modifications if required
  • Achieve Local Authority Approval
Stage 2


  • Advise approved Wash Bay Equipment, correct sizes and equipment according to Design & Authority regulations
  • Full Wash Bay Equipment costs break down
  • Supply and delivery costs
  • Wash Bay Construction costs
  • Equipment Specifications & Operation instructions as required
  • Advise equipment warranties as applicable
  • Commence product manufacture & procurement after payment
  • Co-ordinate site delivery
Stage 3


  • Create a co-ordinated construction program based on your needs
  • Use safe systems of work at all times
  • Use qualified and experienced Wash Bay installers
  • Complete Wash Bay Construction efficiently with minimal disruption
  • Test Wash Bay System for full integrated functioning and compliance
Stage 4


  • Ensure work is completed to Authority Standards under Local State Plumbing
  • Regulations and National Code for Plumbing & Drainage AS3500
  • Submit Wash Bay documentation to relevant Local Authority
  • Co-ordinate Authority inspections as applicable
  • Supply Wash Bay As Built Construction Drawings on completion for future records and maintenance


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Wash Bay Design & Construct


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What Our Clients SAY

“Could not recommend these guys more highly. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Excellent service. Quality system. Great pricing. Sound advice. Just b ought my second sewer rising main system from them. And no, I’m not connected to them in any way other than as a customer.”

- Peter G.

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Citi Industries for the design and installation of a commercial wash bay, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. From start to finish, their team displayed professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to excellence.

The design they came up with was not only functional but also efficient, meeting all of our specific needs. The installation process was seamless, and they completed the project ahead of schedule, which was a pleasant surprise.

Citi Industries’ attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction truly stood out. The quality of their workmanship is top-notch, and I can confidently say that our wash bay is now a valuable asset to our business.

I would highly recommend Citi Industries to anyone in need of commercial wash bay services. They deserve every bit of this five-star rating for their outstanding work. Thank you, Citi Industries!”

- Nathan B.

Jet Excavators and Trucks

“Everything went well , have mentioned Citi Industries to a few colleagues.”

- Claude L.

“Excellent service, prompt delivery and customer follow up.”

- Brian S.

“I had a problem in the commercial kitchen. But they solved the problem well and I can begin my work successfully.
They did prompt reply for any questions and requests, I’m really satisfied with their services and I strongly recommend Citi Industries to others. You can save time and money if you work with them”

- Ohseong K.

Peterpan Bakery Group

“I would like to give positive feedback on the supply of the of the 1200L sewerage pump system. Whilst it hasn’t been fitted yet, it looks substantial and will be so perfect for our needs. I would like to commend your company for your service from ordering to delivery. “

- Mike H.

“Top notch organisation. We purchased a 3000l pump station and the experience could not have been better. From sales to delivery, their crew were always attentive and helpful. I highly recommend!”

- Mitch G.

Plumbing Bros

“Citi Industries are great to work with. Excellent communication, presented ideas no one else had thought of, completed the work with fast turnaround and efficiency. They also rectify any issues that aren’t known until later – this is great. All in all, a rather pleasant experience. If we needed to utilise their services again, we most certainly would – though, we hope we don’t need it.”

- Melissa N.

Nationwide BAS / Pickering Partners

“Very professional and thorough workmanship. Will definitely be using these guys again!”

- Nick R.

Peach Cafe

“Always quick to respond, always provided great alternatives and solutions for quick turnaround.
Great supplier I don’t bother to look elsewhere.”

- Thom M.

Water Master Plumbing

“Citi industries were very easy to deal with and very helpful working us through the planning process and approvals. We would work with them again. They made it easy. Thanks!”

- Kerrie H.

Compliance Officer Armesto's Transport

“We own and operate a small business in Sarina, 1000km away. Citi Industries did an amazing job at designing and installing our grease trap for our coffee house at a fair and reasonable price. Not only did they do an excellent job but also kept in good communication the whole time – with great customer service. They proved they are fully capable to fulfil our needs and we will definitely contact them again when we need any additional jobs completed.”

- Wesley B.

Third Ground Coffee House

“Citi Industries were great to work with. The construction of our washbay was smooth from start to finish. Nathan helped with all required council approvals, paperwork and training. I highly recommend them if you are after a professional and reliable washbay builder.”

- Stephen C.

Queensland Tissue Products

“We recently purchased a below ground tank from Citi Industries to suit a tight access restaurant job in Melbourne. The tank delivery was on time and on budget. Thanks guys.”

- Dan M.

Superior Plumbing Group Pty Ltd

“We purchased a grease trap through Citi earlier this year for a childcare project we were completing. We were impressed with the knowledge and service provided by the Citi team, highly recommended.”

- Doug O.

Evergreen Plumbing

“Great team. Went out of their way to make sure everything was ok. As I’m an interstate client (WA) made sure it was all packed up tight and safe and had it on the truck super fast. Defiantly recommend them.”

- Ken M.

The Grand Hotel Northam

“We’ve worked with Citi Industries for over 15 years. The team has completed many projects for us from new residential, commercial construction projects, maintenance works and upgrading of existing plumbing systems. They can always be relied upon and they always complete plumbing projects to a very high standard and on time. We trust the team on any plumbing project and highly recommend Citi Industries.”

- Vasilis H.

Director Vati Projects

“Citi Industries were very helpful and professional from design concept to implementation of our new wash bay system. The work was carried out in a manner that met our business needs with very little interruption to normal day to day activities. Well organised execution of the project.”

- Rick T.

Logan City Council Fleet Maintenance

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your support and assistance over a number of years. Your commitment to ensuring planning/design, approval processes and implementation of projects has been appreciated, being able to have a single point of contact for the entire hydraulic installation, makes for a streamlined and efficient process. We have no hesitation in recommending Citi Industries.”

- Bernard P.

Operations Manager
Leda Riverlink Shopping Centre Ipswich

Building a Wash Bay or Wash Pad with quality professionally installed equipment is an investment in your business that will pay
dividends for a long time to come.

With our years of experience and many satisfied customers we have the expertise to design and deliver your Wash Bay project on time and on budget.

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