Is Your Grease Trap Lid Damaged?

Citi Industries are specialists in commercial grease trap lid replacement, ensuring that your business operations are not impacted by a grease trap lid that is not gas tight and leaking odours or is a dangerous safety hazard for staff and customers.

Replacing your grease trap lid can help you avoid authority non-compliance which can leave your business out of action for several days. You will also avoid losing customers if bad odours are leaking from your grease trap and prevent costly injuries with a broken or lifted grease trap lid.

Our expert technicians are able to replace your grease trap lid while you continue working. Our aim is to ensure the best outcome for your business.

About Our Services

Our expert technicians replace below ground grease trap lids across the Brisbane region. We service a wide range of grease trap models and sizes, from small to large below ground systems.

We specialise in the replacement of grease trap lids, an important part of your trap that keeps the system water-tight and ensures that odours do not escape your tank.

If you have found that your grease trap lid is damaged or defective, contact us today before your broken lid leads to larger issues for your business.

Grease Trap Specialists

Citi Industries are experts in grease trap installation and lid replacement. We have been working in trade wastewater management for over 20 years, with a flawless trade compliance record and a customer-focused approach.

Commercial grease trap lid maintenance is essential to ensuring a long-lasting system. No business owner wants to face business shut down, loss of customers, workcover or public liability claims, so grease trap lid replacement is crucial. If you need help and assistance replacing your grease trap lid, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today to get a quick quotation so you can get back to running your business.

Fast & Easy Grease Trap Replacement

Contact our team today to organise your fast and easy grease trap lid replacement. Large or small, our grease trap experts have seen it all and can help get your grease trap back to full working order.