Best Tips for Wash Bay Construction

Wash Bays are required by many business from cleaning machinery to keep it functioning optimally and efficiently to mechanics, car rentals and commercial car washing businesses and other specialist uses. But how do you get a wash bay set up exactly? Well, here are some tips that might help you out.


Among the factors you need to consider in order to determine the wash bay that would best suit your project are the available or existing space, the water source, type of operation, and its main purpose. Wash Bays can be set up Outdoor or Indoor with different rules and equipment required for each. You also need to figure out what type of water treatment and recycling system you could have for your project. Aside from these factors, you could also consider the aesthetics of the wash bay design. This aspect should only be strongly considered if the area is going to be visited by potential investors or clients.


In Australia, the building of wash bays, especially in construction sites, would need building permits and approvals from local authorities and other government agencies such as the Department of Health—as well as those that are related to safeguarding the environment. This is because waste water from wash bays could contain all kinds of chemicals and residues that could pose a threat to the surrounding environment or nearby water reserves. On this note, you also need to secure a Trade Waste application for your wash bay build.

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Finding an efficient way to conserve water, while still being able to accomplish the wash bay’s main purpose, is also quite an important aspect of your design and build. Cleaning large machinery and equipment could mean high water consumption, after all. With a recycling system, not only would you be able to reduce your water consumption considerably, but it could also mean a lot of savings on your water bill.


Waste water from wash bays could have detergents, grease, and all kinds of harmful chemical residue in it. Due to all these substances, the waste water would need to undergo treatment to make it safe for disposal, as well as reuse. It needs to be safe before disposal because some of the mentioned substances could be harmful to the surrounding environment. Aside from that, the waste water might also have pathogens that could be harmful to your staff, as well as to visitors in the wash bay area or construction site.


Your wash bay design and build will only be as good as the professionals who will build it for you. This is why you should make sure to find experts that you can trust, such as Citi Industries with many years experience in Wash Bay Design, to build and install your wash bay, as well as supply your your water treatment solution and water recycling system. Not only will trustworthy professionals construct the right systems for you, but they can also advise you about the necessary approvals and permits for the task.

Sometimes, it could be quite easy to overlook some aspects of a project, especially if it’s something as complex as construction and the setting up of a wash bay can be daunting with all the rules and regulations. However, with the right advice from experts you can get it your project completed with quality equipment and installation for years of hassle free service so your business runs at optimum efficiency and economy. At Citi Industries we offer this an expert end to end solution.

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