Thank you for showing your interest in FlexiCommercial Finance. Here’s all the information you need regarding finance for your investment.


  • Easy Application, Fast Approval - apply online or over the phone, and be approved for smaller amounts in minutes. Approval for larger amounts should take less than 48 hours.

  • Conserve your cash flow - acquire business-boosting assets now without draining your cash flow. Leasing frees up lines-of-credit and other sources of funding so you can keep your business ticking along while benefiting from the innovation and efficiency that the lease of new equipment provides.

  • Flexible end of term options - With our range of flexible end of term options – to suit your business circumstances – endings can also be beginnings. Read about end of term options below.

  • Simple monthly payments - You choose the term and fixed monthly payments to suit your budget.

Is it better to Lease or Buy Equipment for your business? See a side by side comparison of purchasing outright vs purchase with bank loan vs leasing equipment here Lease or Buy Equipment Comparison  


If you choose an Operating Lease, you can upgrade your equipment, return it to us, or offer to purchase it at the end of the agreement. 

Upgrade to new equipment
If you want to keep your business running on the latest, most advanced technology and equipment, you can simply upgrade the equipment at the end of your agreement.

Offer to purchase
As you near the end of the lease, you can make an offer to purchase the equipment at a price you see fit which we may accept or reject. If accepted, you must purchase the equipment when your lease expires. GST will apply to the purchase price^.

Extend the agreement
If you’re not ready to let go at the end of the lease, you can continue using the same equipment on a month to month arrangement. This option allows you to continue using the equipment, while preserving your cash flow and providing tax benefits*.

Return the equipment
If you’re done with the equipment, simply send it back to us in the condition detailed in the terms of your agreement.


If you have a Finance Lease you can pay out the residual amount to take ownership of the equipment.
Optionally, with a Finance Lease, you can “upgrade” and add the residual amount to the new lease.

Pay the agreed residual value
Make the final residual amount described on the lease agreement and your business can own the equipment outright

Use the handy repayments calculator choosing either Operating or Finance Lease options
Click Here to Calculate Repayments


There is no charge for an Application or Documentation fees and there’s a no-obligation pre-approval application process. 
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If you have questions or would prefer to discuss on the phone, call FlexiCommercial on
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Credit approved applicants only; fees, terms and conditions apply. *Tax deductions may apply.  FlexiCommercial does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. See your tax advisor for details. ^ All upgrade and purchase options are subject to your agreement and our standard terms and conditions, and all upgrade options are also subject to any internal credit criteria. Flexirent Capital Pty Ltd ABN 93 064 046 046 is the Financier and holds Australian Credit Licence number 394735 (Flexirent). FlexiCommercial® is a trademark of Flexirent. Flexirent is a subsidiary of FlexiGroup Limited.